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SOME PEOPLE today are literally drowning in their personal stuff typically brought about by human interactions. This program throws a lifeline to someone who is struggling to stay afloat in their life situation and keep them you from being pulled under by the wave of emotions associated with human interactivity. As with the case of someone who is physically drowning in a large body of water. They will scratch, slap, punch, swing widely or grip onto anything or anyone in an effort to stay afloat. That person can be better served by tossing them a lifeline from a solid platform than by jumping into the murky mess in an attempt to rescue or bring them to safety. Lifeline is the solid platform in which a 'lifesaver' can be tossed. Take a hold of solid principles that will change your life and have others taking notice of your transformation. Lifeline Coaching offers 8 hours of private coaching spread over 6 - 8 months, peppered with customized assignments, and an introduction to an array of tools that will help you better manage in a highly charged emotional environment and become transformative.

TODAY, people are literally becoming swallowed up in anxiousness or nervousness about their future, their relationships, or their state of mental health. Local, national and global events that threaten our lives and prosperity are interjecting emotional anxiety into the daily diets of everyday people. It can be speculated that this may be at the root cause of the opioid epidemic, as otherwise good people struggling to cope with a tidal wave of events that heighten their anxiety resort to pharmaceuticals to address their emotional uneasiness. Instead of reliance upon chemicals to help manage your emotional dilemmas, change the paradigm; go deeper to the root cause, explore what makes you react to things a certain way, and dare to change your viewpoint, and adapt a new way of thinking by becoming transformed by the renewing of your mind on daily basis.


  1. Do you struggle with getting back to sleep after awakening with anxious thinking?
  2. Are you able to respond appropriately to acts of rage (e.g. office or road rage) and avert potential risk to life, livelihood and health?
  3. Do you maintain your composure under pressure?
  4. Are you able to calm yourself and others when confronted with things that have the potential to bring about frustration, disharmony and anger?
  5. Do you struggle in your communication with your parent(s), spouse, sibling or people in authority?
  6. Are you able to keep yourself motivated and engaged when confronted with change initiatives and/or shifting priorities at work and/or in your everyday life (e.g., marriage, home, family)?
  7. Do you struggle with how to handle loud, overbearing and aggressive personality type people?
  8. Do your struggle with showing your 'authentic self' around family, friends, and acquaintances?
  9. Do you feel like there is no positive change in your life and you are ready for something good to happen, but just don't know what that something else is?
  10. Do you display anxiousness behavior tendencies (e.g., bouncy leg syndrome, or hyperactive thoughts) when seated in a public place?
  11. Have you been in therapy for anxiousness but it doesn't seem to have helped?
  12. Do you still struggle with understanding your purpose in life and no one seem to be able to help you navigate the pathway forward?
  13. Do you avoid seeing certain family members because that always seem to lecture or judge you? Do they make you feel like a child even though you are an adult living independently?

[NOTE: If you answered 'YES' to any one of these questions, you need to change the paradigm and reach out to Lifeline Coaching for help.]



 If you are interested in the online video conference experience, simply email the workshop organizer at: or complete our Contact Us form 

Steven L. Carter, MSOL, BSHR, President/ Program Director

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